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Flange Insulation Kits Flange Kit FLANGE INSULATION KITS

Advantage Industrial Solutions, Inc. offers a full range of Flange Insulation Kits for every need. Our Flange Insulation Kits are used to isolate pipe segments from one another at the flange interface. This helps to prevent electrical currents and increases the effectiveness of the existing cathodic protection system, thus preventing corrosion from developing.

Offering you protection from corrosion

Download our Flange Insulation Kit specifications

Our Flange Insulation Kits are available in a wide variety of materials, all suitable for a full range of different applications. All kits can be ordered either with our without a sealing ring (used for added protection against leakage), and each kit is individually packaged for ease of installation.


You can download our Flange Insulation Kit specifications sheet, in Adobe Acrobat format, by clicking on the link below:

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Flange Insulation Kits for a Variety of Applications