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Polyshrink Coating can be applied to many standard pipe hangers and supports and is a cost effective option to help prevent metal to metal contact and corrosion.


Our Polyshrink Coated products are offered in a number of finishes and are then coated using a crosslinked polyolefin material that has an internal adhesive. The

Polyshrink Coating not only protects the pipe, but the hardware as well.


The Polyshrink Coating offered by Advantage Industrial Solutions, Inc. provides you with extremely high compressive strength, superior abrasion resistance, and a low coefficient of friction. The coating is UV stabilized, and tear resistant.

Versatile, durable Polyshrink Coatings

Further information about our Polyshrink Coated products

We offer a wide selection of products with our Polyshrink Coating, including U-Bolts,

U-Straps, Clevis Hangers, Pipe Rollers, Pipe Clamps, Riser Clamps, and various bolts.


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